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Air Devils

Design Report Notes

1.   Executive Summary: (10 points):

  • Provide a summary description of your selected design and why it is the best solution to the specified mission requirements.
  • Describe your key mission requirements and design features keyed to those requirements.
  • Document the performance/capabilities of your system solution.

2.   Management Summary (5 points):

  • Describe the organization of the design team.
  • Provide a chart of design personnel and assignment areas.
  • Provide a milestone chart showing planned and actual timing of the design / fabrication / testing processes.

3.   Conceptual Design (15 points):

  • Describe mission requirements (problem statement).
  • Translate mission requirements into design requirements.
  • Review solution concepts/configurations considered.
  • Describe concept weighting, selection process and results.

4.   Preliminary Design (20 points):

  • Describe design/analysis methodology
  • Document design/sizing trades
  • Describe/document mission model (capabilities and uncertainties)
  • Provide estimates of the aircraft lift, drag and stability characteristics.
  • Provide estimates of the aircraft mission performance.

5.   Detail Design (30 points total.  15 points for discussion items, 15 points for drawing package):

  • Document dimensional parameters of final design.
  • Document structural characteristics/capabilities of final design.
  • Document systems and sub-systems design/component selection/integration/architecture.
  • Document Weight and Balance for final design.  Must include a Weight & Balance table for the empty aircraft and with each of the possible payloads
  • Document flight performance parameters for final design.
  • Document mission performance for final design.

Drawing Package

  • 3-View drawing with dimensions.
  • Structural arrangement drawing.
  • Systems layout/location drawing.
  • Payload(s) accommodation drawing(s).

6.   Manufacturing Plan and processes (5 points):

  • Document the process selected for manufacture of major components and assemblies of the final design.
  • Detail the manufacturing processes investigated and the selection process/results.
  • Include a manufacturing milestone chart showing scheduled and actual event timings.

7.      Testing Plan (5 points):

  • Detail testing objectives, schedules, and check-lists.

8.      Performance Results (10 points):

  • Describe the demonstrated performance of key subsystems and compare it to predictions from Section 5.  Explain any differences and improvements made.
  • Describe the demonstrated performance of your complete aircraft solution and compare it to predictions from Section5.  Explain any differences and improvements made.